Learn More About Wine

I have spent decades learning about wine, and still have only scratched the surfaced. There is no way this or any web site can teach you all there is to know about wine, but it can teach you what you need to know in order to learn more. For the serious student, or wine professional, the information in this section is invaluable, and is an important part of your education.

Making Wine


You may not need to know every aspect of growing grapes and turning them into wine, but if you wish to have more than a cursory knowledge of wine, than you are going to want to know more than not. What happens when? What order? What are the choices that went into making a specific wine taste a specific way? Learn how the answers to these questions determine the style, price and success of a wine.

Wine Regions


The style of a wine is often as much about where the grapes were grown, as it is about the type of grapes that were used. In the Europe, the home of winemaking, knowing the region means you have a good idea of the grape or grapes used. In the New World there may be less rules about grape usage, but regions play no less of a part.

Tasting Like a Pro


Put wine in mouth, there, you now know how to taste wine. On the other hand, if you want to learn to taste wine like a professional, there is a bit more to it.

Talking About Wine


There are a lot of words in the wine world that you may not know, or know how to pronounce. This glossary of terms will get you started. Looking for the definition of a specific word? Search for it and find it nearly instantly. Finally, talking about wine is more than just a collection of words, it is about communicating. Find out how, and why.

History of Wine


Tens of thousands of years ago wine was discovered. A lot has happened since then. Discoveries, personalities, war and peace. The History of Wine has it all.

Technical Discussions


Some aspects of wine are straight forward, and many others are debatable. If the technical side of wine excites you, this is your section. Discover the results of research that I and others have conducted, and learn to organize your own experiments. Remember the golden rule: Test, test, test!

Collecting Wine


Sooner or later you are going to want to gather some wine and hold on to it for a length of time. Learn how, and how long. Discover the economics, and joys and sorrows of aging wine. Utilize these tips and tricks to help you create the perfect treasury of wines.

Selling Wine


Aimed at those who sell wine, but no less appropriate for those who buy it as well. Advice and observations from a seasoned pro with decades of experience at every level of the industry. Find the keys to profitability, or the secrets to finding bargains, depending on which side of the counter you are standing on.