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A lot has changed since this site first went live in 1995. The main design criteria was to make the site fast, and universal for the many users around the world that have slower connections. This will not change, but increasingly people are accessing the web on mobile devices, so the upcoming face lift will make the site work better on all devices of any size. This responsive approach is a major undertaking, especially considering the hundreds of pages that need to be converted.

The number one change that is needed is better navigation.

When I designed the current scheme, it made sense to me, but then I am not the one trying to find their way around. While you wait for the big update, here are a few glimpses behind the links in the navigation bar.

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Videos to Watch
The videos were created back when the Internet was slow and videos were tiny. The originals have long been lost, but these are still worth a view.

  • How to Open a Bottle of Sparkling Wine (on live TV)
  • How NOT to Open a Bottle of Sparkling Wine (Sabering)
  • How to use an Ah-So to Open a Bottle of Wine
  • How to Decant a Bottle of Wine

Diabetes and Wine
Some years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. For a food and wine lover this was the last thing I ever wanted to hear. I was sure my life was about to change, and that I would never have a decent meal or any fun, ever. My life did change, but I still get to eat pretty well.

What follows is an anecdotal tale of my personal experiences. I can not begin to stress enough that I am not giving advice, and that you should check with your doctor and nutritionist before changing your diet in any way. That said, here is what life is like for a diabetic ex-chef with a serious love for wine.
read more was established August 15th, 1995

Since 1984 I have been sharing what I have learned about wine, on what eventually would become the Internet. From 1996 to 2008 I taught Aspen Wine Program wine courses in Aspen, Colorado. Since 2009 I have been Argentina teaching and consulting. (That missing year was spent traveling around the world).

If you are so moved, share your comments, and see what others have had to say.

Remember it is just wine; have fun with it!

Your Host,

Stephen Reiss Photosignature
Stephen Reiss, Ph.D.,
Certified Wine Educator

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